Bonjour, Messieurs Pelot et Shreve :)
Staring up the blue sky watching the birds, reminds me of my childhood moments-

 It was February 23, 2004. I was in standard 3 back then. We were having our curriculum class and out the teacher said,
"Okay class, we're not going to play any sports today-" . The class groans.
"haha well today we're going to sit in groups and we're going to tell stories".

"what kind of story teacher?"a curious student asked.
"Any kind of story, either a happy one to a sad one. You're going to share your thoughts with your friends". the teacher smiled.-

I still remembered my friends gleefully told the class what they want to be when they grow up, what they like to do and et cetera. Kids- we're full of imaginations.
 Hobby- The topic that I chose to tell my friends-

        Growing up, I realize my hobby changes a lot! from collecting stamps to drawing anime to designing clothes to capturing great photos to collecting branded shoes to reading books

My father once told me that when you read, you can explore the world without you even notice it. Without you even trying to. You just have to use your imaginations and with that, you can have wings, you can save the world and so much more.

         "A mind is a very powerful tool compared to any kind of bomb if one can manipulate it"

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